Saturday, 21 February 2009

Trekking Under The Sun

I am absolutely wrecked.

As planned we went up the hills for a long trek, 15km in this sun.

A very early start, 7 am, was made much better by the guide who took us into someone's house and gave us some slightly alcoholic drink. I know it was only 9am but I didnt feel too bad about it as we were just tasting the local culture, and we even got to see the plant they use to make the drink...and one weird looking tree this is...


It is good to know where your drink comes from...

The area is a mixture of decacious forest, coffee, tea and spice plantations and open hills, with great views over the valleys, a perfect place really for trekking. Some of the trees we came across were just awesome...

Our guide found a snake skin, proving the fact that I can't get away from them, frakking reptiles they are everywhere!!!!

To me it looked like a very long thin condom, but it is a snake skin...

Sometimes when you plan a holiday you are so focused on getting to see all the famous places that you miss some of the lesser known spots that are well worth seeing. Also, due to the lack of mass tourism Madikeri and its surrondings were fairly clean.

Heading back to Mysore for one last day before making my way to Kolkata...


  1. I Ade I saw your tip on Been there and wondered if you fancied writing a few dispatches for us as you travel? I'd pop them in as Been there articles and link to your blog.
    Let me know.
    Many thanks

  2. Hey... Roberto's travels go national!
    And its the Guardian!!

  3. Brilliant! As long as you promise to keep in all the trannies and cows, and men passed out on a pile of rubble from too much rum etc...who needs Judith Chalmers?