Friday, 13 February 2009

Another Different India

Is this really India?

Last night, trying to get to our destination, was a bit of a nightmare. We needed to get a train from Mysore to Bangalore and then another one to Kochin in Kerala. We had built in a 2 hour buffer for the connection, but for some reason the first train decided not to move. Eventually we made it just in time. But only to discover that our 9.45pm was moved to 3 AM!!! There had been a big derailement and most trains in South India were delayed.

We eventually got to Kochin this morning, 7 hours late. I was really hungry and Charles had to put up with my very short temper. I was only focused on getting some food and going to the toilet...

Things got better after a very nice lunch at the place we are staying, but once again, this doesn't look like the India I was expecting. Kochin is an old Dutch colony. To be honest, if you look at the pics I was thinking more Austria, more The Sound of Music than tulips.

Kerala is also famous for its Chinese fishing nets. They use a system of weights and pulleys to fish from the shore. However, I refused to be one of the tourists that pays to get their pic taken pulling one of the cords.

The town is relaxed and there are some great places to eat, though not to drink. My beer was a 'special tea'. A way for restaurants not to pay for an alcohol licence.

I have discovered that the last leg of my trip in India, my train to Kolkata, is 44 hours!!!

I don't want to do it...I may stay here forever!!!!

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