Sunday, 1 February 2009


boats before they go off to catch my lunch...

It has now sunk in that I will be gone for a year.

If this was a normal holiday, I would be heading back about now. I think I made matters worse for myself by talking to a friend a few days ago. I had set up a Skype account to phone my parents, but it wasn't working. So to check it I phoned Glenn.

Afterwards I was wondering if everyone will still be as excited to hear from me after a year, and I only know that he was cos he told me, but that's just him, lol. Or, would life have moved on, and Hyper Boy, as the Americans called me, will end up feeling sidelined by one year's events.

One of my Uni coursework assignments had been about ex-pats and how to reintegrate them after a spell away from HO. Some returnees felt that they had been pushed to the sides from the powers that be. On the other hand, I left London to move on, and rekindle myself with the old me. The redundancy gave me a timely opportunity to get myself out of where I was, the lights had been dimmed and it was getting darker.

Besides I always had dreamt of doing this. We were watching Wild Hogs the other night (it happens when you've only got 2 channels that don't just broadcast Bollywood movies). Anyway, Travolta and Tim Allen are in their late 40's, talking about their lives, and one asks the other if he ever wonders what has happened to his life, where did it go.

I dont want to wake up one day and wonder if I have spent all my life working, building a career, paying a mortgage, and partying. Work and career are important, especially as means to an end, to live the life you want to live. However, it is so easy to get into a routine and not drive yourself to live your dreams and hopes. It is so easy to just get by, day by day.

This trip is very scary. But at the same time that's what makes it so exciting. However, if I had been without Charles here I may have packed up and headed back within my first 48 hours in India. Now, although I am not looking forward to the day we go our seperate ways, I am determined to get to the end, to do my 360 degrees in 365 days.

a local catholic church. this place really has a Caribean feel, doesnt it?

really early in the morning, just getting up to go for a swim...

I'm going to have a couple of Fenis now to help get myself into a more upbeat mood...

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  1. En vez de un recuerdo que los meses borren, el blog te esta convirtiendo en una parte mas del dia a dia de los que te seguimos. Te tengo mucha envidia de la buena (jaja). Un fuerte abrazo, Cesar.