Friday, 6 February 2009

Charles Finds Love

We have finally arrived in Mysore though somehow last night I managed to lock from the inside the train door so people couldn't get on.

Drama started really quickly with people shouting and the police rushing to see what was going on. I somehow remembered that I had closed the train door, so discreetly opened it and got off the train to get some chai whilst everyone was screaming at each other.

In Mysore we are seeing a very different side of India. This is middle class India with lovely suburbs, and little poverty on its streets. South India is a lot wealthier than the North, and that is very apparent on the streets, though there is still some rubbish around.

James, Charles's uncle picked us up and brought us home at 4 AM. The sight of a large confortable car put a smile on Charles's face. I have to say I was happy for once not having to deal with anything, no hassle, no tuk tuk.

After a few hours kip we went for lunch. I made an effort, and to fit with the modesty rules of this country, I put on a sleeveless, ie. my shoulders were uncovered. I just didnt know that we were going for a posh meal in a hotel. The food was lovely, but I think I prefered my experience yesterday when I was a bit bored and hungry and left Charles by the water and went off looking for something to eat. Eventually I settled for a canteen. I had a vegeterian thali served on a metal tray for 20 pence. There was only one dish served, and there was no knife and fork, so you ate with your right hand. Always your right hand cos you use your left to wipe yourself after the toilet...

Anyway, we have visited the local market. It's a hive of activity and full of colour, both from flowers and from the powder paint. I initially thought they were spices for food, and was wondering who on earth could eat something that bright...

Charles also was chased around by a 'new little friend' who painted a little pink lotus flower on his hand and gave him some sandlewood incense, adding that he gave it only to "special people".

He was also told that he should not discount Indian men as it would mean a lot to that's a new angle.

It was love at first sight....

I have also managed to buy my flight to Bangkok.

I'll be heading to Thailand and Laos on the 19th February.

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