Monday, 2 February 2009

Local Tribes

Today we rented a scooter for 24 hours.

I know, I'm feeling guilty about adding to the pollution, but I had to compromise. Anyway, we went off to see a fort that has recently been restored as a hotel. The drive there was through a much hillier part of Goa, and the views over the rivers were stunning. And to get to the fort you have to take a ferry across a river.

...i wonder why this ferry is free?

I was surprised to see that the ferry was free, even for foreigners. Nothing is normally free here, and especially not for Westerners. As you can see in the pics the coastal views from the Fort are stunning.

There's a beautiful white sand beach on the other side of the river estuary dotted with palm trees and the occasional shack. Although the views are amazing, there is not a lot to do when you get there, especially as you have to take another ferry to get to the beach, so I'm not sure I would enjoy staying in the hotel here. But sitting there, having a refreshing ice tea, we reminisced about the good old days when we weren't so poor, when the daily budget was over £15.

We have discovered that we are in the nice quiet side of Arambol. Over on the other side are all the stalls selling rave wear, tat, and clothes for hippies. You know, MC Hammer trousers and the like.

In general the place is full of the following tribes:

* Hippies*
Normally the hard core type, covered in tattoos, dirty hair, they remind me of characters from "Blade". Here they ride 'Harley Davidson-esque' motorbikes. They dont do scooters. I guess it suits the hard look, but to me it's like wanting to wear diamonds but making do with 'Diamonique'...

a local hardcore hippy

* Dodgy looking Russians*
They are everywhere these days, except in Russia.

* Yoga and meditation freaks*
The kind that are following Geri Halliwell's steps on ' How To Lose Your T*ts'. I like Yoga, Tai Chi and all of that, but within reason. You've also got the ones doing meditation on the beach with their ipods on...and listening to Britney!!!

* A small but increasing contingent from Essex, Liverpool, etc*
Attracted by low prices they're easy to spot. Half of them are salad dodgers. Some female salad dodgers have attached to themselves (and their wallet) to a local or some other money grabber from further afield.

* Regular people*
An ever diminishing group, but luckily our neighbours next door belong to it.

* Goans*
So far the most open of all Indians. They love stopping you just to say hello, especially the old dears.

So, as Charles has said, a frakking freak show. And I'm loving it.

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  1. Its me again - I love that hardcore hippy photo - very mad max - what do you mean by salad dodgers - that is quite a funny term?