Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I hear it's snowing in London...well I'm not in London...

Me moody, thinking this was my last feni...

Our last day in Goa.

I wasn't that convinced about coming here. I thought it was going to be some type of Benidorm hell, the Costas of India. But it's not at all. Yes there are tourists, plenty of them, some odd, some plain bizarre but we have been able to relax, sit back and enjoy the show.

Goa also has an amazing mix of food to offer. I'm not talking about the typical tourist traps that you find along the coast of Spain, Greece or Thailand. There is a very large ex-pat community here, and they've made Goa their home, for half the year at least, and have brought with them their food.

Among all the stalls selling tat there is a place called Fellini's with a proper wood oven that does one of the best pizzas I've ever tried. And Double Dutch is famous for their Apple Pie, warm with vanilla ice cream. The pastry was so light and soft I'm convinced it was diet pie, that it helps you lose weight.

Yes, Goa is the perfect place to come after three weeks travelling around the rest of the country eating rabbit food...However, one thing I want to understand as we leave is....what makes a mature adult man wear a thong?

What brain cell switches itself off during the flight, that they then think it's somehow ok to punish us with the view of their flabby ars*s? It seems that once some people decide to go on holiday to Goa, their dignity goes on holiday somewhere else.

With nothing better to do with my last day I decided to risk my life. I can only say that the shaving cream they used was not L'Occitane and didn't have shea butter...

We are now heading off to Mysore (I swear, that's the name of the place, I haven't made it up....).

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