Monday, 9 February 2009

Moment of Clarity

One of my goals this year was to be more thoughtful, to think
before I say something.

This is a long term goal and I'm clearly not going to achieve it in
one day or one month. But as I sit here I can't help but think
about what I said in my earlier post.

After that post I went down to the gym. Walking back along the same
leafy street that our lovely yoga class attendants do I had a
moment of clarity. I was walking down that street in my camo long
shorts, in a white vest, all pumped up listening to some old Love
Muscle dance stuff.

Am I just not part of another tribe, and one that's not integrating
in the country it visits?

I might say hello to the old lady that walks past, or let the very
strange local take a pic with me, but am I not just another gay boy
travelling the world. Didn't I come home and have a Philosophy 'Once
A Day' facial and moisturise afterwards?

Maybe I reek of self importance and i should acquire a bit more
self awareness...

I guess I am still learning. My aim is to think before I speak/
write. But at least I'm aware of it....

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on the epithany !

    I look forward to meeting the new Emotionally Intelegent Roberto !!!!

    But don't get lost in self analysis. Your not such a bad soul to begin with.

    Kep on writing. Love it