Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I Love Ghee

Mysore's suburbia, so not what I was expecting of India..

Our last day in Mysore before heading down to Kerala, the backwaters and the beach for a few more days before going off to Thailand and Laos.

Somehow I have managed to put on weight, 5 kilos exactly, in one week. And I know why...I have a problem with Ghee. It is clarified butter that Indians use generously in their cooking and Sandeea, James wife, even more generously than that.

Sandeea reminds me of my mother. If you haven't had two servings of everything she worries that you are still hungry. It's so nice to be looked after like this. A very pleasant lady with an easy laugh. Like my mother, Sandeea also enjoys it when people like her food, and I have loved it. I have felt so welcomed in their house.

James's house, about the same size that mine back in London...not

But fatty days are over. No more leafy suburbs. Now it's back on the budget and to the cheap guest houses.

I have taken some pics of the area where James built his house. Clearly not the setting for Slumdog Millionaire, but then again Mysore is not Mumbai.

This one has a bit of an 80's look and feel to it, which is quite common...

So another night train for us, and tomorrow we will be in Kochin.

is home to the last few Orthodox Kerala Jews, and to some Chinese Fishing nets.

I dont know why the latter are so famous.

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  1. roberto good to hear you are eating , im enjoying reading your blog a great deal , i feel like you are here in the room with me , miss you heaps . i owe you money ! im sorry i have been slack