Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Missing Piece of Paradise

It's so difficult to keep your clothes on here.

For the last two days I have been pushed, battered, thrown around...though it was a lot of fun.

The sea is strong and there is a constant stream of entertainingly high waves. The only problem is that I've lost my necklace, ripped off by the sea. As you stand with the water around your knees you suddenly swing around to find yourself towered over by yet another big wave that just picks you up and turns you upside down and back again, scratching your nose against the seabed and leaving you with your swiming trucks just a tiny bit too low to comply with the modesty rules of this country.

Or any country to be honest.

Now that I've lost my necklace I've a silly white line running round my neck. Like some strange pearl necklace.

Varkala is fun, not what I was expecting at all. Kerala is meant to be less touristy and less developed than Goa, but my own experience of Goa, in Arambol, was of a very laid back environment with a few beach huts.

Here, on the other hand it's proper brick buildings, big umbrellas and sun loungers. But, still, the whole place is fairly relaxing, and the views are stunning, with the Arabian Sea opening out in front of you from the sheer red cliffs. And everywhere you look palm trees give you the idea you're in paradise.

Although this is the Raja's summer retreat, we are only staying in the staff annex!!!

We are staying in the last Raja's summer retreat, a really nice place that is costing GBP 3 for the two of us. We were a bit worried when we booked, it belonged to the State Government and at that price we couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with it. But there's nothing wrong to be honest. Well it's 1 km away from the restaurants, but the place itself is really nice.

I have joined the local gym, partly to keep myself busy but also to keep away from the sun. You can just picture it, guys with bouffants, little moustaches, tight jeans with flares... it 's all a bit YMCA!!!

I have been reading Twilight. I'm not impressed, but it has made me realize what is missing in my little piece of paradise...and Darren just confirmed what it was....somethings never change.


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  1. well! The Raja's retreat - by the sea you say - it's just like my bungalow overlooking the sea haha... xx