Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Feeling lonely

The story repeats itself, it is great to have friends coming to see you, I love catching up with them. However, when they leave you feel lonely and you start wishing that the trip comes to an end. I learned a lesson the last time it happened, when Stephen left.
The best thing to do is to plan something really exciting, something to look forward to.
So I have been doing just that.
I have decided to go up to Belize, which was not in my plans, to see a friend, Remy, who is going to be there for a week. Belize is far too expensive so I will only spend a few days there.
I am also looking at my next diving trip and have found Bay Islands in Honduras, the cheapest place in the Caribbean...so I will be going there sometime late in September after seeing Remy.
Travelling is great, you do get to see the most amazing sites, you do get to meet people, experience things, but it does get lonely from time to time...
Tomorrow I am starting to make my way towards Nicaragua and have decided to break the trip by stopping in Liberia, a little town near the border that is meant to have a beautiful Old Town...hopefully better than San Jose.
I am sorry to say, but this town is a bit of a sh*t hole....
It is ugly, polluted, and people keep telling me to be really careful........which is nice of them, but it does not give a good impression of the town.


  1. flobby,

    honduras should be great, zinnia was going to dive there next year when she went to guatemala (if you want to save some money after belize head to guatemala)

    I hadn't realised you were now in south america - amazing. would love to take a trip like that one day.

    take care

  2. Yes, that is the plan, after Belize will be doing all the cheap countries, going to Takai or Tikai, and then Honduras
    Flobby is probably the worst name I have been called in a long time
    Say hi to Zinnia