Saturday, 29 August 2009

This is not Malaga with iguanas

My first ever sloth, climbing up a tree. Scary caiman, well you can see his eyes, I almost throw Glenn on him to see if it bites
Double click on pic to see a full view of beach 3 ( original name )
Masked frog, or something like that, I just thought it was really cute
I am not sure how I feel about Manuel Antonio and its National Park.Manuel Antonio NP is the second smallest National Park in Costa Rica, but also its second most visited.Even during the rainy season it felt crowded and we could not help but notice that its animals were not as scared of humans as they were in other parts of the country.The park has just around 500 square ha, but the number of visitors is so high that during high season they are limited to 600 at any point in time during the day.Manuel Antonio and another couple of parks pay for the upkeep of all the other parks in Costa Rica.Nonetheless it's a great park, with a beautiful forest teeming with wildlife, and a stunning beach, filled with palm trees bent in impossible angles.
Black iguanaThis is the place to come and see all those animals that you heard about, and tried to see in other parts of the country, but who are normally too rare or shy.In our three hours we managed to get close to sloths, a first for me, white faced monkeys, and an endless parade of iguanas, caimans, frogs and really loud howler monkeys.
White face monkey staring at meAre these animals paying for the upkeep of other wildlife? Do they suffer stress due do the excesses of a booming tourist industry?I don't know if the animals are stressed.Yes, there is a lot of noise, and the animals can't avoid it.However, this area has not suffered the excesses of other parts of the world. This is not Malaga with frogs and caimans.
It should make this country proud, and bring shame to my parent's country, that here they have maintained a level of protection and environmental standards that most of the Spanish or Italian coast could only wish for.

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