Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Museums and Jade Cabagges in Taipei

Temple of Confucious

These are my last few days in Asia, and I could not have chosen a better country to finish with after having started in India.

Taiwan and India are absolute opposites in this world. If India is intrusive, invasive, in your face, almost abusive, Taiwan is gentle and friendly. Not only that, somehow their development seems to have been different. India seems to have developed despite their ability to organize themselves, the corruption. You can't build tall buildings in India because you are not sure they will have electricty to run their lifts. Taiwan on the other hand has Breast Feeding rooms in their Underground stations.

Women in India would not even dare to go in there, knowing men would run in to see their t*its out.

Today I visited the National Palace Museum. It is absolutely magnificent. 8000 years of Chinese history in one building. It was taken from the mainland, after the revolution, for 'safekeeping'. Nonetheless some may call it stealing. You get a sense of humbleness walking around the museum.

One of the most amazing pieces in the museum, at least from my point of view, it is this little piece of centuries old woodwork, in which an artist carved a boat with 8 people inside, and a poem written in the back, and it's only 3 centimetres long and 1 wide. Sometimes you do realize that in the Western world we're not ahead of everything at all times.

Nonetheless, and following what I mentioned before, I was surprised to see that the piece everyone else was mostly excited about was a little jade cabbage!!!!!

Although it was pretty, why there was a queue to see it was beyond me!!!!

I also visited Confucious' Temple. As he's meant to be one of the wisest men ever in Chinese culture, I decided to pop by to see if I could absorbe any of that knowledge.

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