Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Roberto is an idi*t!!!

Could not help myself and walked to get the pic
I hated LA, so ended up staying longer that I wanted.
This may have sounded odd. I went down to the airport, not an easy task on this 'public transport hating' city. As I was trying to check in they could not find me in their system, so I was starting to worried that the portal I had used,, of which I had never heard in my life could have been a dodgy one.
Anyway, as I presented the paperwork the lady on the counter started giggling, pointing out the fact that I was not due to catch my plane for another 24 hours. Ashamed I turned back and face the public transport again.
I dislike this city for several reasons, it is the opposite than San Fran or New York. It is so wide, just endless suburbs with shopping malls, people driving everywhere. There is little public transport, most of it empty, just a few old people and the ever present nutter.

And then you get to Hollywood, hackers selling tours to go and see the sights, ie the houses where celebrities live, or crimes have been committed. Obviously you go in big cars with open roofs.

Do they call this art and a famous sight...I just think is tat
In the other hand, I like Chinatown, found amusing that I had never had heard about Chiang Kia Sek, and in less than two weeks I see him seating in two opposite sides of the world.

I am hoping that tonight I will manage to get on a plane


  1. Orbitz is a valid travel site. Just in case you want to use it in the future.

  2. Tell the truth, you stayed in LA an extra night hoping to get noticed for your big break in the movies!!

  3. Ok the truth is that I was just hoping to see David B and I have not, so I am going to Costa Rica dissapointed