Friday, 29 May 2009

Back To Life (Back To Reality)

Just like my last guest house in India...

My life of luxury has come to an end, but it decided to go with a bang.

Stephen had booked another 5 star hotel for our last two nights in Kuala. As his flight was leaving early on the following day he picked up a hotel near the airport.

So when we got back from Brunei and walked into the hotel we were really quite surprised by how nice the hotel was, especially for an airport hotel.

As we checked in we were told that were not booked in there, but was clear that the hotel was too good for us.

I was left speecheless however when we realized that upstairs was not 'the staff quarters', but the Lounge with all the best rooms.

Everything there was complimentary, they even had complimentary sushi to go with your complimentary evening cocktails...I am used to complimentary bed bugs, and sheets with all the luxury of a roll of toilet paper.

Saying bye to Stephen and Maeve...

It has been so nice to have Stephen here, not just for the luxury. We have spent time doing normal things, such as watching DVDs, things that I can't do nowaways.

Now though, I am feeling sad, and lonely.

Will need to get myself out there again and talk to strangers. I have been travelling with friends for the last 7 weeks or so and it is odd to be on my own again and not meeting anyone for a while.

Brunei's main mosque...

To cheer myself up I am going to make my way to the Perhentian Islands, a tropical paradise with great snorkelling. I need to do some serious swimming as I've put on 7 kilos, and am now 4 kilos heavier than when I left London....

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