Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Friends 2

Since I set out on this little excursion of mine I have met a lot of new people.

However, it's only been in the last week that I have felt truly sorry for seeing some of them go.

I had met some really nice people before, some of which I'm still in contact with. Indeed, there has been many that I genuinely liked:

New Friends

But since then I have met others, and in the last few weeks I have really grown fond of Ignasi and Consuelo and Roberto.

Ignasi and I could not have been more different, and he did annoy me slightly with his rebel attitude (or what he called rebel, in reality he was just contradicting everything I said). But at the same time he has a heart of gold, and very little negative to say about anyone.

Why am I looking like that, and with that moustache?

Consuelo, aka 'Concha tu madre' is just plain mad, absolutely bonkers, and speaks Spanish and English with the strongest, campest accent I have ever heard. She could be straight from a Venezuelan soap opera, or H from Steps reborn.

And then there's Roberto, or as someone described him, Ronald MacDonald. He was aiming to meet us again in Kolkata, but the Indian visa put him off.

Anyway, Consuelo decided to stay in Kolkata and help the poor in Mother Theresa's institution. Ignasi came back with me to Bangkok and has now gone to Mongolia, as he starts his long way back to Spain.

I have managed to entertain myself despite their abandonment, and have rekindled myself with some old friends...the Wonder Girls. I discovered that my favorite song from the days of the water festival was a remix of 'Nobody, Nobody But You'. Not sure if it would work in a club in Vauxhall, London, but it is awesome.

The rainy season has started and it is pretty spectacular. All hell breaks loose for fifteen minutes, the loudest thunders, the heaviest downpours. Suddenly everything stops, and you get to enjoy the most beautiful skies, especially during the sunset.

I am now on my way to Kuala Lumpur where I am meeting Stephen. So looking forward to seeing an old friend. Feeling a bit apprehensive about staying in a 5 star hotel though.

Not sure they're going to let me in.

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