Monday, 4 May 2009

A Flat Backside

I feel as if I have spent the last few days on a bus, my back side is so flat you could write a novel on it.

We left the Himalayas on a ten hour bus journey, part of which was on the roof, it was scary to say the least. We did think about buying a bottle of whisky, but then decided it wouldn't have been wise, but it would have made the journey more bearable.

After another day in Katmandu, visiting a couple of temples and getting drunk with Simon, we made our way down to Chatwin National Park, formerly a hunting reserve for the Nepali royal family and friends. George V and his son, the future Edward VIII, killed 39 tigers and 18 rhinos here in just one safari. En route we met Consuelo, a Chilean girl with a wicked sense of humour, who is the latest addition to our little group.

We were introduced to a really good guide by a Spanish girl who, as you do, lives in Bali and a Galician who lives in Nepal...

Where is that polar bear?
The three of us decided to venture further into the National Park, without a jeep, to do a two day jungle walk. We would have to leave the park in the evening however, because, following a tiger attack on a group of tourists, you weren't allowed to stay there at night.......except, of course, if you are a poacher killing rhinos for the Chinese and Arab black markets.

They were two great days and we even got to see three one-horned Indian rhinoceros. There are only about 2000 of them left in the world so I feel extremely privileged to have seen three.

We also saw crocodiles and the most colourful flameback woodpeckers.

What was i thinking of to dress like this....

When we got back from the trek we discovered that the political situation in Nepal had got more complicated and all local buses had been cancelled.

So our plan to exit Nepal through the Indian border in the East had to be changed and off we went up North again, to the second largest town in the country, Pokhara, to get a tourist bus to take us South again......I feel like a frakking yo yo......

Then again, if I had not come here to Pokhara, I would have not bumped into someone for the third time....and would not have had the chance to ask him to marry me........


  1. I've been trying to find the post where you talk about that stranger you ran into twice during your trip, but I haven't been able... which was it? Moreover, did he agree to marry you?? Love RM

  2. Italian heard roberto...i met him in laos and then in bkk...

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