Monday, 18 May 2009

I just don't know what to do with myself

Petronas towers from below

The last few days have been amazing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, just sitting by the pool, going to the gym, and eating far too much. I have actually managed to put on 2 kilos in four days.

This is not Kolkata

As I am still the same cheapskate, everytime we have gone for a buffet I have eaten so much they have had to call in a crane to get me out of the restaurant. In my view, I am just building reserves for times of scarcity. I have had flashes of 'Monty Python' when the guy explodes after having eaten too much.

Kuala Lumpur is a thoroughly modern city and I have been impressed by its ability to integrate its different communitities. I have also noticed that lots of ethinic malays, mainly muslims, are more liberal than I was expecting, and girls don't always wear headscarves. However, mixing within the communities is another issue. If you marry a muslim you have to convert, and converting from Islam to another religion is a crime in Malaysia.

View from the sky bridge, 149 meters up

We are now on our way to Borneo, to visit Brunei and then Sabah, on the Malaysian side of Borneo.


  1. slice of wafer thin ham sir????? ha ha ha ha. monty python. awesome!!!

  2. Thoroughly modern millie!

  3. I know, that millie is everywhere
    well, i may have met the next roberto, this one is swedish, 27, cute, with a capital Q, in the words of jack, and was taking pictures of me today
    watch this space

  4. You seem to have put on a bit of a belly.....

  5. I am just building up my reserves for when I am slumming it again...