Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Life of Luxury

One Petronas Tower at night.I finally got to Kuala and met up with Stephen.
Stephen in the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple in China Town

It has been so nice to see someone I have been friends with for so long and, of course, to catch up on all the gossip.
Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city, I am completely dazzled by it. I knew this was a modern city but I was not ready for what this city, and what I seen of Malaysia, seems to be.

Its motorways are modern, three lanes wide on each side, and the city is clean, modern, and bright though maybe just a bit too clinical and sterile. Walking around the shopping area last night you could easily have thought that you were in Time Square with the bright lights, neon, and skyscrapers.
Stephen is treating me to a bit of luxury so we are staying in a five star hotel. I got here first and checked in after 28 hours of travelling. Unshaved, unshowered, wearing a dirty vest and old hat. In spite of my misgivings, and body odour, check in was straight forward and I was soon able to chill in an air conditioned room, with a toilet not a hole. There was loo role in the bathroom and I had to stop myself from throwing it straight in my rucksack for future requirements.
I was not sure if this was there to be eaten, my dinner looked to good

It is so nice to have Stephen here and to just take things slowly. Kuala Lumpur is very hot from midday to late afternoon so I am going to the gym, then we will have a, so different from my life in Kolkota.

This is probably the campest thing I have ever seen, this huge God in front of the Batu Caves

Way up to the caves
We are off tomorrow to have dinner in the revolving restaurant in KL Communications Tower

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