Thursday, 3 September 2009

The sleepy town in Liberia

Sunset in Liberia by Calle Real

Really famous house in Calle Real, they have covered the walls with newspapers, but could not work out why

I am in a little sleepy town called Liberia, around 50 kilometres from the border in Nicaragua.
This is much more what I was expecting from a town in Costa Rica.

The people are friendlier and they just let time pass them by while sitting in the park. It is a place where the shop staff calls you 'mi amo' with that overly camp accent they have.

At night, instead of hiding behind gates and secure entrances, they sit outside their houses, as the street is much cooler and the heat inside is now unbearable.

It seems that as Glenn left the rainy season ended.


  1. and what do you mean by that?!!!!

  2. It means that as you left it stop raining, and the sun is out constantly, that is a bit of a problem as i am boiling

    No second meaning or anything like that