Saturday, 12 September 2009

Learning To Cook Pususas

Grilling my first pususa

Learning how to shape the pancake

I have spent the last couple of days doing things that I've always wanted to do.

Two nights ago I had some savoury pancakes from a street stall, and following my compliments to the chef I was invited to come back the following day to learn how to make them.

I was absolutely thrilled by this, and so were my friends Hieka and Stephan, who also, somehow, invited themselves.

We went to meet Don Ramon, a young father that prepares traditional Salvadorenian pancakes in a store, that doubles up, naturally, as a photocopy shop.

The pancakes are delicious, but the best bit was learning how to make them from scratch, and by that I mean right from how to mill the corn.

Today Sanghita and I went down to Laguna Apoyo, a volcanic laguna in an area that is completely covered by forest, apart from the few bits where bars have been set.

Sanghita with her Orange not Northern Irish

It is beautiful and relaxing, except from the thumping Nicaraguan/ Central American / plain awful music played.

Double click on the pic

Chilling, I guess the bars are not that bad, just stop the music

Development no doubt brings its benefits, but some are just not what I would have hoped for...

It has been so nice to meet all three of them, and now that it's just the two of us left I think I'll get upset when we go our seperate ways once we get to Managua.

I thought it was a funny pic of Stephan

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