Saturday, 19 September 2009

Where Madonna meets Olivia Newton-John

I am spending a couple of days with my friend Remy in Belize.

This is a strange place. For a country so small, there are so many different kinds of people.

Standing on the pier I kept wondering what language were people speaking. I heard English, Creole, Spanish, and a few using the Maya language, and so for much of the time I had no idea what people were saying.

But I must say, for such diversity they all seem to be fairly well integrated. At the moment they're celebrating their independence from the Motherland, all happy clappy, almost American.

Has the adoption of American Tourism made them that much better?

Well I guess it's better than the days when Mayas were frowned upon. Actually that's not a guess, I know its better. But as a whole is the country better off?

San Pedro is a strange town, there are some cars around but most people drive around on golf carts.

The diving and snorkeling here is quite good, nothing to write home about though, and especially not for the price they charge here.

If you get the chance to dive somewhere else, do just that.

I came here to see Remy, and that has been great. But to see fish, stick to the cheaper islands, the cheaper coast, maybe Honduras.

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