Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Two Granadas

Granada Cathedral

The other side of Granada, the town market
There are two very different Granadas.
There is the rehabilitated, rebuilt, retouched and re-everything, that is beautiful and charming.
And there is the real Granada, the one of its buzzing market, full of life, but also of dodgy characters, touting black market currency or indeed any black market you want.
It is fascinating to stand and hear every vendor shout about their product, from eggs to tomatoes, from bleach to frijoles, poison to kill dogs, rats, or even your wife......

I can´t remember what this lady was selling, or if she was just sitting there letting the day pass, but she was really flattered that I took a pic of her.
There is such a contrast between the manicured and extremely beautiful old town, with its vibrant colours, cathedral, churches and restaurants, bars and spas, and the run down Market Municipal, just so full of life and decay.
Nicaragua has proven to be everything I had heard.
It is beautiful and green, it is dodgy without being dangerous. It is a bit like India, and I am loving it.

It is really sad to see these girls having to work in the Bus Station as street vendors, what has happened to the Sandinista revolution and their push for education?
Of course, at some point, I will kill a tout, especially the stupid one that keeps hassling me to fix my shoes in his stall...I am wearing frekking sandals!!!!

I have met a really nice Indian girl from Belgium and we have been hanging out together. Sadly, her room was broken into last night and she was not happy. She's funny, though I think she missed the page in the guides about dressing modestly....

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