Friday, 4 September 2009

Step Back In Time

Little barber´s shop

Playing dominoes by the entrance of my hostel

I hate border towns. They are always full of dodgy characters and, after my bad experience in Poipet in Cambodia, I am always wary of these crossings.

However, I have also have become a lot more savvy and don't fall for their tricks anymore, from selling you arrival cards to trading currency.

I think I may have fallen to one trick though. I had to give the Nicaraguan border official seven dollars but only got a receipt for five. I guess I am not that savvy. Then again, what was I going to do, throw a little strop????

I loved this lawyer´s office, everything from the flowers to the rocking chairs

I am now in a town called Rivas by Lake Nicaragua and tomorrow I am planning to get to the Isle of Omepete, an island in the middle of the lake, the result of two volcanoes joining. I am going there to do some trekking.

If I thought Liberia was laid back and chilled, this place is a step back in time. With horse drawn carriages and everyone spending the afternoon in their rocking chairs, you have to wonder how anything ever gets done...then again it is so hot.

So far I am liking this country, except the one thing that has irritated me since I got here. They do garbage disposal the Indian way: everything is thrown out the window -it could be a tin, a cup or even a frekking plastic dish with half a portion of rice and beans.......

I have read a lot about Ometepe and my friend Carles has been there, so I am very excited.


  1. Wow, love that old school barber's shop.

  2. I know, it was such a cool place, pity I didnt get the barber in the pic, he didnt want to be