Monday, 12 January 2009

Minus Three Degrees

Today I got my vaccination for yellow fever, £50, and spent almost £90 in malaria tablets. The worse thing about them is that they do not guarantee that you will not catch it, and you may get side effects, and you wont eat for a month.

Personally, I think it is wrong for the NHS to charge £15 for a consultation fee in their travel clinics, regardless if it is the Center for Tropical Diseases or not. The NHS is a universal health system free at point of delivery. I understand that not everything can be free, but to be charged £15 to be seen by a nurse is a bit of a smack in the face.

On a happier note I went down to the Royal Academy to see their exhibition in Byzantium 330-1453. I thought I would have one last bit of 'old fashion culture' before heading off, and seeing it all for real.

I managed to squeeze in lunch with a great friend of mine, Stephen. Someone told me a while ago that if you dont work you should do lunch, breaks the day and avoids you feeling lonely. And let me tell you, it is so true.

72 hours and I will be heading off ....

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