Friday, 23 January 2009

The Exorcist meets Steps

Charles had a street shave today.

I would never let anyone get that close to my neck with a sharp object but, hey, a lot of people seem to like it.

We spent another day in the bazaar, but this time we bought something. Charles bought a "shawl" and I bought two "blankets". I dont want to call them shawls. It sounds a bit camp. We need them as we are about to take a night train to a desert town and it's going to be cold.

Talking about camp, we did manage to go to the cinema to see a movie called "Raaz". It's everywhere here. From the school of high camp it blends mystery, suspense, a bit of horror (I even jumped), with love and dancing.

It's "Stigmata" with The Backstreet Boys or "The Omen" starring NKOTB.

Then throw in a bit of ecological crime and police corruption to bring it bang up to date.

Men in the cinema screamed and whistled when the hero came on screen, and again everytime he took off his shirt and flexed his muscles. That really threw me. There are a lot of repressed people in this country, but then again, there are probably as many in Newcastle.

I loved the constant commentary, and the joking you could hear. Normally it would have bothered me people talking, but as I didn't understand most of the dialogue it kept me entertained. I say most 'cos around 10% of the dialogue is in English with characters jumping between languages.

I really got into it: girl gets kind of possessed by someone that's been killed reporting an ecological crime. Of course she is a top model, living in an amazing penthouse. They still manage to have several songs and a even a couple of dance routines for good measure. A bit like "The Exorcist" if re-made by Steps.

But the movie is a more modern Bollywood, and the main song in the film has a more rock chick Evanescence sound than I was expecting...

Great way to spend an afternoon. Honestly, I am a convert !!!

Shortly before midnight we take our first night train.

12 and half hours on a bench...

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  1. Move over Buffy, Stand aside Angel, Forget Apollo !
    Here come Raaz !!!! No sounds too gay !