Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Degree A Day

My name is Roberto. On Thursday I am flying to Delhi to begin a one year journey around the world.

A 360 degree trip that I am planning to do in 365 days, day here day there, hence the name of the blog.

It is the story of a physical trip but also of a personal journey, trying to find out a bit about myself.

Clearly I could do this in Camberwell, but that would not be as interesting and would not give me a reason to write a blog.

Getting my last vaccinations tomorrow, and then I'll be ready to go.

Today I got rid of some of my earthly possesions at an ever-so-glamorous car boot sale. I was wearing a flat cap just to blend in with the other traders, please also check out the red jacket. Jokes aside I still managed to take £150. Better than a kick in the 'f*nny'. As i always say.

At the minute my flat is a mess, a true war zone, after a party last night, and cos I'm trying to move out at the same time. Please enjoy the pic of my friend Glenn and the coconuts. Those coconuts have been here for the last 5 years, very hairy and very dry, but always a feature, always a good prop for a joke. This should tell me, and you, something about the maturity level of my friends.

I'll let you know how I get on with my vaccinations, but I know the yellow fever one will probably make me feel ill by about next Thursday.

Just the perfect thing for a long haul flight.

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  1. Hi Roberto,
    I am andy a friend of Nat's in Brighton Just love yr blog!
    sent a message before but It may not have got thro'
    I have got back 2 days ago from Cambodia. Any chance of gettin some of those oversize pyjamas the ladies wear over there?
    They go down a treat over here as pressies. Should cost ab. $6 each depending on yr skill with haggling. Poka dots, teddy bears space rockets....
    I know it must be getting murderous hot now so I understand if you cant face it!
    Let me know.
    Andy Spector