Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Lowering My Guard

My first bus journey across India, and it was the experience I was expecting.

I am starting to really enjoy this country, for all its madness, poverty and harshness there is a side of it, a candor to it that I am relishing.

Our bus was like a sardine tin, an old piece of metal filled up with people and lugagge. Our luggage was in the aisle, safer there though than on the top of the bus. So everytime someone needed to pass, the luggage had to be lifted. Either that or people walked all over it, like they did with the rest. And I couldn't have that. Imagine if the little luxuries i brought with me had burst. My Molton Brown splashed all over a bus!

I am really up for roughing up for a year, but I felt I needed something to take me back home now and again, to my regular life when I needed it to, a little pick me up.

So far I have been really careful with what I drink or eat, but in our lunch stop I lowered my guard. The 'barrista' of my local 'coffee shop' added the sugar with his hands. Not even a sugar lump but a whole whallop.

How could I even think about letting him? So I had to keep a pic in case I get Delhi Belly.

Here is Fred doing my Skinny Double Frapuccino with hazelnut syrup...

So we're happily on our way now to Jaipur, hoping that I am not going to pay for that slip of my attention with a bad stomach.

And here is the sardine tin.

Tomorrow the Pink City.

What is so pink about it? I wonder if it is like an Indian Soho...

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