Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I Am Not Bugs Bunny!!!!

It is mid day and our train is cruising South on our way out of Rajastan towards the sea.

We were up at 4.15am to catch breakfast and then make our way down to the station. Managed to catch a few hours sleep on the train before we were woken up by the noise from the next carriages' passengers.

I was dreaming about kite surfing, not that I have ever done it, when I was woken up by some transvestites asking for money, not a pretty site. Why are they always so tall? It's never the 5'2" man (and there's plenty of those in this country), but the 5'10" who wants or needs to do drag.

And then he puts on heels... this, no comment...:

Eventually they left and I went back to sleep for a while.

I cant wait till we get to the South. After almost two weeks I have decided that I am not a rabbit, I can't live on vegetables, carrots and pulses, and Charles may not wake up one morning as he's likely to suffocate from the effect the pulses have on my digestive system.

Don't get me wrong, I love the food. I love all the vegeterian curries, the thalies are fantastic, and it's great if, like us, you are on a budget, but I'm convinced that if God wanted me to not eat meat he would have made me a rabbit.

However, everytime I have tried a meat dish here I have regretted it. They're so badly cooked, and when I see the live stock I can't help but wonder what I'm really eating. But down South we should be able to eat plenty of fish. Also food in Goa will have plenty of Portuguese influences and memories of Europe and home.

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I started my travels, and it has now sunk in that I will be gone for a year. If this was a normal holiday, I would be heading towards the airport today or tomorrow at the latest. Instead, I am heading further away from home and I'm a mixture of worried and excited.

...We have now reached Gurajt, and been welcomed by several text messages from different mobile operators.

So much for the element of surprise and "Welcome" board signs. I bet that soon the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet will start including GPS details so people always feel in control. I want to travel but not as a tourist, I want an adventure. Then again, I've got my ipod, my laptop and two mobiles, and in my bag I carry half a ton of skin care products.

I have just had another Masala Chai, typing away on my laptop, all very Starbucks, but I much prefer it this way, enjoying the changing landscape and our two local companions chatting away, going through the guide and recommending us places to go.

Trains, as I've said before are a really good way to meet the locals.

...We're at our destination, Ahmedabad, and we have had the most amazing dinner. Maybe I should be a rabbit after all. We went to a place called Gopi Dinning Hall for a local Gurajti Thali and it was amazing. I couldn't stop, and I must be bottomless inside, so I stuffed my face. Well I had to, as previously in a Vodaphone store I got told off for eating some crisps. Supposely you are not allowed to eat in the work place. What a thought?! Is this a new torture they have invented? How could I survive? Do you go outside for food breaks?

I am now off on a 21 hour train....but the sea is waiting so I don't really care...

I need to tell you the valuable lesson I learnt about the need for modesty...even as a man...but will wait till I'm a little less embarrased about the incident...


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  2. I was going to take the rabbit analogy to the next level. But decided better of it. Love the blog and enjoy the beach. D xx

  3. Hi Roberto, great BLOG and very interesting times your having. Glad you got a nice hat. Wish you well. Graham from Brighton