Sunday, 5 July 2009

New Zealand's Answer to Girls Aloud

Wellinton at sunset

I am getting a bit worried about this blog of mine. I was checking the incoming traffic and I suddenly realized that Google was sending me people who had searched for Glass High Heels......I know why this is happening, the story of that awful drag queen contest.....

Glass High Heels

......and I know that I should be grateful to Google for any traffic they give me, but do I really want to be the Information Centre for people with bad shoe taste.

Walking around town I have discovered New Zealand's answer to Girl Bands. The UK gave us Girls Aloud, South East Asia gave us the fabulous Wonder Girls, who I love, and New Zealand has given us Topp Twins. And they are huge here, lots of posters everywhere, and it is not even Pride time.

I am off to do some trekking tomorrow morning and will be back in a few days, though, this being New Zealand, there is probably internet all over the place.

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