Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Living Out Of A Bag

Cathedral Cove ( North Island )

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Today I am leaving to head back to Oz, it has been six months to the day since I left the UK.

Throughout the past six months I have seen some great sights and met some fantastic people. At the same time, life does get hard always moving from one place to another, packing and unpacking. I have been living out of a bag for six months, and sometimes I get bored of it.

I am bored of having worn the same clothes for six months and of the lack of little luxuries. I am really over not having all the required ingredients when I cook and that I have to make pasta without Parmesan cheese. And sometimes I realise it is quite sad seeing myself and other backpackers hunting around the supermarket, deciding what to have for dinner, based on what has been discounted.

However, I am not going to cut the trip short, I have so many things that I want to do before heading back. I would have little to do back home at the moment anyway, the recession is still going strong, and there is not much work.

But most importantly, for every low moment, there have been 20 amazing ones. For every time I have missed my things back home there has been a new friend to laugh with, a new sight to marvel at or a new food to try. For every time I have almost fallen into a dirty toilet there has been an awe inspiring moment. For every time I have been sick of eating porridge, just cos it is the cheapest and most filling breakfast in the world, I have had another ten that make me laugh.....

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