Sunday, 19 July 2009

Falcon Crest

How cute is Damien's dog?

I have spent the last few days at Damien's farm, which is just like Falcon Crest but instead of wine they have horses.
It is a lovely place and it is such an experience to come to his house, an opportunity to discover another part of Australia that you might otherwise not see when travelling, the rich old fashioned one.......we were driving in a Rolls Royce and I don't recall ever being in one before.
I kept thinking it was a Driving Miss Daisy moment, but that made me Miss Daisy

I stayed behind when Damien left, he offered me the use of the car but I was scared of causing damage to something the size of a tank.

Why is the engine in the steam train back to front?

So I am back in Melbourne and in two days I will be on my way in a campervan......I am taking a relocation vehicle, which has to be driven somewhere, and I am saving a lot of money in the process.

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