Friday, 24 July 2009

Campervan Vs Camp-ette

So typical of Oz, had people been shooting at the sign?

My campervan turned up to be more a camp-ette, a little van that could take only two people.

Aussies are obssesed with health and safety, so campervans are only allowed to carry people at the front, to ensure they have a seat belt, and mine was so small that it only could carry me and one other person...

Anyway, this time I didn't pick up any hitch hikers, and so ended up doing the almost 900 km on my own. Sadly, I was let down by the relocation company. I was meant to have the van for 2.5 days that would have allowed me to visit a couple of places I wanted to see along the way. The night before leaving though they informed me that I actually only had 1.5 days. As I really needed to get to Sydney I had no choice but to accept their new conditions. Still, it was a very cheap way for me to get to Sydney.

On the way I saw some great landscapes, but as it was on the motorway, I couldn't really stop and take pics.

My few weeks here have told me something about Aussies: that they are the friendliest people I have ever met.

A few evenings ago I was lost in Melbourne, and I approached a young woman. In the UK she would have probably screamed, hit me with her handbag and called for help. This young woman however, as she didnt know where the street I was looking for actually was, took out her iPhone and searched the internet for a map. And God knows I look rough!!!

I am now back in Sydney and tonight is our free BBQ in the hostel.

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