Monday, 15 June 2009

With Glass High Heels and Holes In Her Tights

Two of the most famous sights in Sydney, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

So I am back in the First World, and it's really a shock to the system.

I arrived a few days ago into Melbourne, a bit stressed as I had just realized that Damien, my friend here, lived in Sydney, not in Melbourne. Just one of those little mistakes that anyone can make surely?!

Anyway, as soon as I got to Melbourne I knew I had to leave. A brown snake, one of the deadliest in the world, had just bitten a guy in the middle of the business centre...clearly not a place for me.

Sydney is amazing. It is so relaxed, beautiful, with some great sights. I am really lucky that although it is the middle of the winter the weather is quite mild, it's like spring in London.

I love the contrast between modern and old, the same as you find in the City in London. But here there is also the small vs. the big.

I was amazed by this little cute building standing in the middle of the business district

Damien has decided that I need to get out and about, I've not been in a gay place or with many gay people since I left London. So after dinner with some of his friends, including a former Aussie Bum model, we went to a bar.

Not sure what was going on, it was some type of amateur drag queen contest, it was Priscila gone wrong. Each of them were a car crush, actually some were a train wreck. My favourite was some monstrosity miming something that I couldn't recognise, wearing a black little dress, with a huge hole in her tights and the nastiest glass heel platform shoes.

Had I not felt sorry for them, it would have been funny.

After just coming from Thailand were the ladyboys can be the perfect replica of a woman, these people looked more like aliens.

So I didn't get a snog...

I have booked my ticket for Tasmania, I am going trekking there for a week...

Not the usual pigeon you will have in London or Madrid

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