Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Cradle Mountain National Park

Crater Lake

We have eventually reached the Wilderness of Tasmania, and it is as beautiful as I had hoped for.

We have also been blessed with some great weather and, best of all, I have seen a kangaroo!!!

It was nice to finally see one that was alive as I have seen dozens dead by the side of the road.

I am really enjoying Fabian's company, a 21 year old German who is mad about hiking, who has spent several months here in Oz, including a few weeks working on a cattle station. I am actually thinking about doing some work on a farm, called wooffing, where you just work for accomodation and food, so it's legal.......I am far too old to get a holiday working visa, sob, sob.

On our first day here we walked up to Crater Lake and then down to the Dove Lake. I am really regretting not having planned this better. If I had more time and a sleeping bag, like the one I sent back to the UK (!), I would have done the Overland Track - 7 days trekking across North Tasmania, which looks awesome from what I've seen.

I kept thinking about Jurassic Park...but then again I've got too much imagination...

Tomorrow we are up very early to climb Cradle Mountain....


  1. I am so jealous. I went to Tasmania during their summer, when they were experiencing the worst drought in 100 years, and Cradle Mountain was the only part of the island covered in cloud!! The pictures are great. Glad you're enjoying it and it's probably nice to go when there aren't many tourists around....

  2. we have been so lucky, the drought has just finished, but the good weather seems to be following us around
    though today it has pissed down all day