Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Getting into Tasmania

Fog rising from the bottom of the valley. I am over this fog thing, it is everywhere!!

Tasmania is absolutely stunning.

The island is rugged, wild, but most of all beautiful and its people are extremely welcoming. Everytime we stop by the road to take a picture a passing car will stop to see if we need any help.

The only problem we have had so far is the weather. Fog seems to cover the country, or at least half of it. Sadly when we went down to Wineglass Bay the fog had decided to cover that part of the island, after we drove 200km!!!

I am travelling with Fabian, a 21 year old hitchhiker I picked up on the road yesterday. He's great company and it's great to share the cost of the petrol.

It's winter here so most of the buses have been cancelled and I have had to hire a car to get to the main sites......I know God will punish me for the environmental cost of it.

Ross - little town established in 1821 with a lovely church:

We're off to Cradle Mountain today. We wanted to sleep in the free huts but I have posted my sleeping bag back to Spain so we will have to use the backpacker's dorms, which are expensive at £15 each!!!

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  1. Tasmania, lo mejor de lo mejor!!!

    un saludo y no corras tanto que te te sobraran dias o te faltarn grados.. jeje