Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Jungle Train

On my last night in the Perhentians I got to enjoy a great storm, to the point that I never made it back to my hut. It was too risky to try to cross the jungle. I could have been washed away, or so I was told.

I couldn't find him on my fish ID book, but I think he is a homo sapiens, of the 'very cute' type, almost as cute as a Nemo...

I managed to get up this morning at 5.15 to get the jungle train that slowly, very slowly, cuts through the peninsula and gets you near Kuala Lumpur.

Leaving behind the jungle...

The main reason I managed to wake up on time is that I was sharing my bedroom with a 21 year old that had an alarm clock, as I have lost my phone and never had a watch, and so was at a loss of what to do.

To be honest my paternal instincts had gone up into top gear when I met Rick on the boat that was taking us out of the island. He mentioned he was going to hospital with a terrible diahhrea that had lasted a full 24 hours. I initially wondered if he had swine flu. All was clear though when he explained that two nights ago he and his friend had drunk a large bottle of local rum, or what I would call, cheap petrol. I told him he was just hungover.

I had been there.

After our leaving party in India I had had the loose motions for three days. Going to the doctor would make it worse, as they didn't drink, being a muslim country, and would have stuffed him with useless antibiotics. I loved taking back my mother hen job...

Two more days and I will be off to Melbourne, no more mosquitoes, then again, no more shorts, it is going to be so cold.....


  1. Not as cute as Ronald MacDonald though


  2. I like the panoramic shot x

  3. i must recognised that it was taken by Raphael, the cute boy, with my camera...