Friday, 19 June 2009

The Three Sisters

Clouds started to break up

Sun breaking through the forest and the clouds

I managed to make my way out to the Blue Mountains.

Weather has turned wet and awful, but I decided I needed to see the landscape even if the blue haze was not there.

After a 2 hour train journey from Central Station I reached this sleepy little town that sits on top of one of the gorges. It is an odd place to locate a town, almost perfect if you are suicidal.
The view from any of the look out points is absolutely stunning. And although I would have probably liked to see it in all its blue glory in perfect sunshine, it was still a great spectacle to enjoy, even with the clouds.
Billy no mates taking a picture of himself

The main downside with the clouds was that I didn't get to see the Three Sisters, three pinnacles that raise one side of the valley, and they are one of the most iconic images of Australia.

However, I decided to take one of the walks alongside the valley and down in to the gorge.

Funnily enough, as I got closer to the Sisters, the cloud cover lifted, though I could only see the one.

The walk down to the bottom of the valley is a killer on the legs, descending on really steep stairs. And being low season and winter, when you get to the bottom you find yourself completely alone.
There are some great ferns at the bottom of the gorge, protected from the drying winds by the mountains

I have decided that birds are completely mad in this country, they are so loud. Walking through the forest at the bottom of the valley you would be woken from your day dreaming by the loud call of a bird, that then turns out to be no bigger than a sparrow.

All in all the place is beautiful, the view breathtaking, so I've decided to head back there on Sunday.

Tonight though I'm going out to some party in a club, a full on gay event...


  1. Stunning pics - I love the one with the sunlight breaking through the forest x

  2. wow, wow, wow!!incredible photos -one looks black and white although you can see peeks of green.... amazing! keep it up please x