Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Water Festival

Could you imagine doing this to a Guardia Civil or even a British Bobby?

Joining in a side street fight ....

I have spent the last few days in a constant state of fear.........a fear of running out of water, of being attacked and not having any water left to defend myself......

I have spent most of the time completely soaked, behaving like a child in a water park, loving every second of it. I have settled old scores, like attacking tuk tuk drivers.....'where you go, where you go, a hundred baht'.......I tell you now where I go.......

But what I have enjoyed most is the fact that I have seen the real side of Thailand, I have mixed with the locals. Everytime we got covered in clay, or every time we shot someone, there was a thank you, because the meaning of it is to wish you good luck.

The party has been commercialised but, once you get out of the main streets, you meet the families that stand outside their houses with huge backets of water to throw at people and who then offer you water to throw back at them.

It has been refreshing, no pun intended, that not every one in Thailand sees you as an open for business ATM. Most people just appreciate you being here.

I have seen some trouble, but nothing compared to the way it has been portrayed in the press. Sadly this will have a long lasting effect on the country.
Nonetheless, the party continued, and most people didn't want to get involved in the street protests.

I am off to India tomorrow, just getting ready now. I am going to leave lots of things behind, we are planning to trek in Nepal unaided and I don't want to have to carry all my skincare products...mostly because I don't use them anymore. I don't know why but I seem to have become less concerned about those type of things......

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