Monday, 6 April 2009

Almodovar's New Movie: Rocio and her tuk tuk

Rocio and her tuk tuk

Life is always more interesting and bizarre than fiction. I am now ready to write the script for Pedro Almodovar's next movie and it will all be based on fact......

On my last night in Laos I met a Spanish girl who was just about to cross the country in a tuk tuk!!!! How mad do you have to be do that? But the best bit of all is that it was unplanned. An Australian couple had bought the tuk tuk and used it to travel around Laos. Eventually they got bored but had to get it to Vientiane to sell so they decided to advertise to see if anyone would take it across the country for them, 700 kilometres in all.......and Rocio took up the offer.

I have always admired people with the guts to do things that the rest of the world would think insane......people like Kester who has run 200 kilometres in the Amazon or Ignasi who decided to cycle around the world on his own. And now Rocio in her tuk tuk, going around Laos.

What can you say to people like that? I just take my hat off to them.

One of the last things I saw in Laos, a lady cooking a huge lizard

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