Thursday, 9 April 2009

False Alarm

Yesterday I thought I had crabs.

You can imagine the look of utter horror on my face, mixed with disbelief, when I saw something crawling just below my belly bottom. It was so unfair and was also the bloody Immaculate Conception all over again.....they were fatherless crabs. Cos to be honest, the closest I had been to any "action" was when my landlady in Attepeu had a good feel of my arms.

Anyway, there were no crabs, it was just another bug.

I am getting really tired of all the bugs on this island, and in South East Asia in general.

My feet have been so badly bitten by mosquitos that they look as if I've got measles. There are ants everywhere. If you buy any fruit you have to eat it fairly quickly as otherwise its soon full of them and if you put down a glass of juice it will be swimming with dead bugs within a few minutes.

I am so looking forward to Nepal, no more mosquitos, no more malaria risk. I am a bit concerned about this malaria thing though as I have been taking tablets for two and a half months now. That's two and a half months of taking antibiotics.

I was pleasantly surprised when, this morning, I bumped into my Frenchies, Melanie and Arnod, who were here finishing off their month long trip around South East Asia. It was so nice to see them and hang out for a few hours.

After they left I got a flat tyre. That was my worst nightmare, finding myself alone in some remote area of this very hilly and bendy island, having to walk for hours. I was so lucky, however, as there, in the middle of nowhere, was a man repairing wheels.

I was so relieved that I didn't even ask the price in advance.....not that I would have walked out had it been too expensive!!!

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