Monday, 12 October 2009

Life changes

Sanghita, me and a girl we met in Monterico, we had such a laugh, pity my receding forehead is so bloody shiny!!!

My friend John asked me the other day if I felt this trip, which will be coming to an end in just over two months, had changed me. I know I have changed in certain ways and, although I am enjoying travelling, I am looking forward to going home and I know I will be able to adapt perfectly well to a life back in the UK.

Several times I have mentioned that one of the best things about travelling is the people you travel with, the new friends you meet, and obviously seeing some of the old ones who got their ar*es across the world to see me.

My dear Sanghita and I partying in Monterico

Here are two of the great people I have met on my trip, Ignasi and Consuelo

Another friend, Darren, had said that seeing great sights on your own was a disappointment, a bit like reading a great book that no one else had read so you could not discuss it.

On this point I don't agree completely with him - it was worth seeing Tikal, Guatemala or South East Laos on my own. They are great places to visit, and sometimes the fact that you do them on your own adds to the sense of adventure. Especially Laos, where I was the only Westerner.

Nonetheless, as my 21 year old friend from Tasmania said, it is much nicer to do it with someone whom you can share the experience with.

Going back to the original question, one thing that has changed is that I seem to be able to deal with myself in a much better way or, as Ignasi said, I now love myself and my own company enough to cope with not having anyone else around.

I think this has been the greatest change, one that will help me address all those things that were not going well in London at the time I left.

Otherwise I guess I am still the same.

1. My heart warmed today when I saw a demonstration asI was leaving Guatemala, local people demonstrating to protect the environment........

2. I still think David Boreanaz is the very definition of totty.....

and 3. My music taste is still atrocious...I love the Wonder girls!!!!