Monday, 5 October 2009

Volcan more done

Volcano Agua in the distanceVolcan Papaya in the background, lava coming down just behind us, and a line of people coming closer, so they could do their marshmallows

Of late it feels that I am going from one mountain to another, or actually from one volcano to the next.
Sanghita and I went up to Pacaya volcano, the only active one around Antigua and also the only one around which you are almost 100% guarranteed to have lava flowing.
It is fairly impressive to be so close to the lava. At some point you do wonder what type of thrill seeking freaks have we become. What happened with relaxing in front of the telly with a brew. Do I really need to go 2500 metres up and stand a couple of metres away from lava flows that will melt my entire body in seconds, as if I was a vampire exposed to the sun.
We were really lucky with the weather. Most days it seems to rain in the evenings but on this particlar day the clouds were below us, and we got great views of the top of the volcano.
The clouds gave an eerie picture across the different valleys. In the distance we could see Volcan Agua coming through the clouds, beautiful and imposing.
The way back is through the forest in the dark, not the nicest time as I all I could think of were snakes...
I love this pic of the moon coming from behind the volcano

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  1. you asshole....whay you doing this?