Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another Crazy Bus and Visiting Leon in Nicaragua

Cathedral of Leon, the largest in Central America

Another quiet street in Central America, low rise buildings, and blue skies

Just when you think that you've seen the strangest thing yet on a bus, that you have met the craziest person, a new experience will bring you to new levels of weirdness or just plain bonkers.

Coming into Nicaragua on a chicken bus, I was amazed to see a man selling pills that help treat bad backs, sore necks, all types of pains...and he could connect the two was beyond me.

But the best was yet to come. Once he finished his sale, another older man stood up, and started preaching into an imaginary microphone! He was preaching the word of God, getting more and more into it, his right arm flapping around, as his left hand had to, obviously, hold on to the imaginary microphone.

Once he finished telling us about God, he took out a long coffee filter and started walking up and down the aisle trying to collect money for his mission.

I was was the craziest thing I had ever seen.

I was talking to my current room mate, Ashley from Oz, and I felt like an idiot. Now I understand why a lot of people don´t want to do chicken bus......they don´t speak Spanish, doh!!!

So they can´t really get around.

Some do prefer the comfort of the tourist buses or shuttles, but others are just worried about ending up in the wrong place

I am now in Leon, Nicaragua, and it's a really nice colonial town. Not as refurbished and restored as Antigua so it has a much more real feel than Antigua or even Granada.

Another pic of the Cathedral, the light changing rapidly

This is a student town with speakers in the streets pumping out political messages, as the confrontation between the Left and the Right heats up in Nicaragua. Funnily enough, for all the arguments, I have not heard the same level of stupidity that you hear when the Republicans criticise Obama or the Health Care program.

My next project is to get down to San Juan del Sur where Ashley is going to show me, or at least he is going to try to show me, how to surf...

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