Monday, 19 March 2012

Providencia, that little dot in the Caribbean‏

Sometimes, when stupidity and back stabbing at work goes beyond what I am used to I keep thinking that I should leave. But then I come to places like this, Providencia in Colombia and it all melts away like ice does these days in the Arctic.

Obviously I am not here for work but work has allowed me to extend my trip to Colombia for an extra week and I have come to dive in this little piece of paradise. We are closer to Nicaragua than Colombia and I am not sure why this bit of land belongs to Bogota.

Like in the Bay Islands in Honduras people here speak creole, that mix of languages including African languages from those taken as slaves.

It is nice and warm here but not too hot, and the water is a pure delight, the hues of blue are mesmerising. Yet nothing can be compared to diving but I leave that for tomorrow.

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  1. What a beautiful place - makes me want to visit