Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fear in Colombia and coke stories

Sometimes you can´t help but to be overtaken by stupid fears and worries, based on stories you have heard.
I am currently in Medellin, Colombia, and after smoking a fag and offering a lighter to a stranger that started talking to me, I walked back to the lobby of my hotel.
Out of my pocket a little bag falls off, with some off white crumbs.
I felt like all blood was drained away from my face.
I looked around and picked up the bag quickly and looked around waiting for someone to approach me and take me away, stories from my backpacking days.

Once I recovered my cool and looked at the bag, I realised it was nothing more than the crumbs from some wafer we had bought earlier.

Nonetheless by then I had almost wet my pants.


  1. An amusing tale! Very funny....

  2. I am not sure if funny is the right word!!!

  3. probably Anonymous was referring to the wetting pants part...

  4. I guess you could say that, I was petrified