Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A different Chile : Alto Las Condes

Urban Sunset
I am spending a few days in Santiago, in an area known as Alto Las Condes, green, leafy, glass buildings, but at the same time sanitasied and very American.
It is a different Chile than the one I saw down in Valparaiso, this is the one storming ahead with the price of copper going through the roof and the dollar down, but are many enjoying this life.
Well it seems that life is getting better, at least in Santiago, they have reached full employment, with jobless figures down to 6.1%, but I can't help to wonder, are many here in a job that is probably not paying them enough. I was shocked to find out that the people that help you pack your bags in the supermarkets don't get paid, but actually pay for providing that service....

And somehow we complain  about Britain!!!

Nonetheless, I am enjoying being here, the sun is shinning and I am away from Watford!!!!

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