Saturday, 4 February 2012

Church of Santo Domingo in Lima, stairs, vertigo and an unexpected view of Poverty

On my last day in Lima I got up really early and spent the day walking around, burning the calories from the Breakfast buffet, topping up my tan ( I am still single and vain ), enjoying the sunshine, it is minus, God knows how much back in London, and sightseeing.

After some good old fashion lies, I don't mind heights, I made my way up to the bell tower in Santo Domingo's church. I was never expecting to get so high up, floor after floor. I never have a problem going up, well almost never, the problem is coming down ( You never get to heaven if you scare of getting high !!!! )

I was taking back by the view, the slums rising over the desolated hills, barren of all vegetation, which probably has been used for cooking. All the signs I have seen all over the developing world. Yet there, I didn't see one single church. While in Guatemala Catholic priests were being killed for standing with the poor against the Government, here they are the Establishment, their churches beautifully embellished, and kept.
I am sure there are hundreds of priest doing a commendable job, fighting the cause of the poor, but the Church and its Pope, their hate of condoms, their love of wealth, spreads AIDS and stop family planning.

Slums of Lima ( Click in image for full view )

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