Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bogota and La Candelaria

I love the colours of some of the houses in La Candelaria

Cathedral of Bogota

View over Bogota from the mountains, not a pretty sight ( double click on image )

I am really liking Bogota.

I had such low expectations of this town. I am not that keen on large cities, and Bogota has a reputation for crime, pollution, and having 8 million people.

Nonetheless the town has parts with great charm, especially the old town.

View from La Candelaria to the mountains

Its people are really friendly and welcoming, however visiting different parts of town you get to see the stark social differences that sadly pulled this country apart.

David and I went up to Unicentro, the big shopping centre in the North part of the town. The North is the wealthier, more European suburban area. Both of us clearly noticed the differences, especially from an ethnic point of view. You could be forgiven for mistaking this area for a middle class suburb in Madrid or any large Spanish town.

More than anywhere else I have been, wealth is related to race and background.

Leo, David and I at Montserate, the chapel on top of one the mountains overlooking Bogota