Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Day in Louang Phabang

After three days traveling we decided to have a lazy day, while at the same time soaking in the town. Louang Phabang is of a fairly small size and set at the confluence of the Mekong and the river Nam Khan. The old town is formed of streets full of colonial houses in subtle colours, palm trees lining every street. Everywhere you look monks in saffron robes seem to wander, happily, under their umbrellas.

As Crystel and Carles were leaving soon to go back to Bangkok I moved to smaller accommodation then later on we met to visit the Buddhist School.

Ignasi, the Catalan that is cycling around the world, joined us. I am amazed by the will power he must have. He has cycled on his own through most of New Zeland, Malaysia and part of Thailand, before meeting to come here with another two German guys.

After Crystel and Carles left I had dinner in the buzzing night market with the cycling group.

I am planning to go North to visit some National Park. I heard today that in the last two years the landscape around it has been seriously degraded as a result of Chinese timber extraction. I am hoping that it's not so bad.

Crystel, Carles and myself by the Buddha of the School Temple...

Ignasi and myself, have a look at his blog in my blog list...

I love the next two pics, they really give you a sense of this town....

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