Tuesday, 15 November 2011

This is not the Park Plaza or the Marriot

As I had a weekend for myself while in Chile I decided to popped out of Santiago, leave behind the luxury of the Park Plaza Hotel and go back to my roots, find a cheap hostel and talk to strangers, and with a bit of luck even drink with strangers like in the old days traveling through India or Central America.

I am in Chile on a business trip, and although I have had to downgrade from the Marriot to the Park Plaza I am fairly certain that I will not be sharing my bed with little insects like it happened in Laos, or sadly not waking up in a room with 5 22 year-olds from Germany like in Ecuador, at some God forsaken hour, rum-o'clock....travelling on the cheap has its advantages and dissadvantages.

Valparaiso was everything I had expected, decayed and beautiful, steep hills cover on a cascade of colour. The old port town, the entry to Chile before Airbuses started filling up the sky. But even a visit to the cementery reminds you that the town has seen better days.

Nonetheless, it is in town like this were people comes and talks to you, were an old lady will offer her help when you are looking at a map trying to make up where the North is.

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  1. Architectural pieces in Chile is more on color and patterns. Their houses are painted with vibrant colors, same those you can find in Mexico.